Our newest addition: Trond Krøgenes

Trond Krøgenes –

Experienced, and motivated to make a difference – Trond Krøgenes contributes to the execution of one of Norway’s largest sustainable industry projects.

“The profile of Oppsteg and the whole philosophy behind what Tore and the board wanted to create with the company appealed to me – to make a difference in projects that lead to a more sustainable future”, Trond explains. “Technology and processes that leads us towards greener and more energy-efficient industry, that’s our new oil. That’s what we’ll be doing for at least the coming decades. In that context, Oppsteg is also very future-oriented.»

Trond is standing on top of the Eitrheim peninsula, overseeing construction activities in the Green Zinc Odda (GZO) project – a 700-million-euro expansion of Boliden’s zinc smelter in Odda.

The key to Boliden Odda’s leading role as a green zinc producer is the availability of 100% green hydropower – the same factor that led to the selection as this location almost 100 years ago when electricity could not be transported for long distances.

Educated as mechanical engineering with a diverse background from product development, engineering and project management in a range of industries comes in handy when he now works to equip Boliden’s new cellhouse in Odda. “There is a lot to learn. But that’s also one of the best things about the job. If not, I would probably get bored.»

As Package Owner, Trond is managing a series of contracts for supply and installation of mechanical equipment and steel structure for the new cellhouse – the production stage where the solid zinc metal is recovered from a purified solution in the electrowinning process.

Why did you decide to start working in Oppsteg?

“To me it has always been important to see physical results of my work. It motivates me that I can point at something visual after the project and say: ‘I was part of achieving that’.”

Over the years Trond has also become more focused on the broader perspectives of how the outcome of his work affects the world around us. In Oppsteg he can fulfil his ambitions to work for a greater purpose.

From the start year, Trond has highly valued working with his good colleagues in Oppsteg and in the GZO project team. He thinks that being a team from Oppsteg in the project is a big strength, both socially and professionally. «We get to know each other well, and the threshold for sharing knowledge and experience is very low.»

Oppsteg people are quality people, he stresses. That’s part of the Oppsteg identity.

«Tore and the board put a lot of effort into finding the right people. Customers must have the impression that when you get an Oppsteg person, you get something extra. That’s an important value, I think», says Trond.