Gasnor – pioner in sustainable fuels

Gasnor is Norway’s largest supplier of natural gas for shipping and industry, established in 1989. Since the start, Gasnor has challenged traditional fuels for shipping and industry with cleaner and more environmentally friendly solutions. Natural gas is much cleaner than oil-based fuels and plays a significant role in short-term reduction of the huge emissions from shipping as the fuel supply is available and the technology is mature. However, to reach long-term emission goals we need to develop value chains for zero-emission fuels. Gasnor has already taken the first step in this direction by establishing biogas supply to the industry.

Now Gasnor is investing great resources in developing a value chain for Hydrogen. Toghether with the partners Sogn og Fjordane Energi and Fjord Base Holding, Gasnor is now investing in a hydrogen production plant at Fjord Base in Florø, Norway, through the company Hyfuel. Resource utilization is maximized as the bi-products oxygen and waste heat is utilized for land-based fish-farming nearby.