Returkraft – Circular economy in practice

Returkraft is a waste incineration plant that was established in Kristiansand in 2010. The plant recovers energy from the residual waste from households and companies in the region. Returkraft produces 95 GWh electricity and 250 GWh of district heating from the 130 000 tonnes of waste that is incinerated here annually. This is an important contribution to the circular economy – harvesting 63% of the energy in waste that would otherwise be disposed in landfills.

Returkraft is now planning a major investment to start full-scale Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) from 2030. Realising this project will remove the largest CO2 emission point in the Agder region – 140 000 tonnes/year. The CCS project is essential to achieve the required CO2 reductions in the region and will secure Returkrafts position as a reference plant in europe – setting the standard for the industry.

Foto: Kjell Inge Søreide